Bullet Time | Photoboothfactory

Say Cheese, Stay Freeze

It’s a unique 12 - 18 or 24 camera rig system that captures a certain moment of time and creates three-dimensional effect freeze videos.

Our Bullet times is a mobile camera array system made up of 6 to 24 DSLR cameras that generates animated 3D images. With its help, anyone can instantly create 3D animations, freezing time to create legendary images like in the iconic film “The Matrix”. The effect is achieved by a sequential change in the viewing angle from camera to camera. A single image from each camera is stitched beside another and fused into a single animated image. The animated image is then run through our software and ‘Puff’ we add your logo and your new bullet time image is ready to be shared with clients, friends and family.

BULLET TIME Neat and well-trained professional attendant will quickly prepare our rig for using and assist guests to create amazing captures. And of course, will help to post them via iPad-kiosk.